Oh my lord, I just remembered that today is Slavka’s birthday. I think its her 30th today. I haven’t seen her since last Christmas, when we had a party and she got so drunk she got lost in the parking garage while trying to get out of the building. And she still has one of my favourite dresses – a chinese style vintage number – that i lent her when the three of us high school girl friends went out for a posh night on the town.

I stopped having any contact with her because it just wasn’t fun to be around her, it was just exasperating and annoying. And I knew I would just be mean to her if we did hang out. I don’t want to go for coffee and talk about our feelings about the friendship; I don’t want to babysit her at the bar while she’s piss-tanking. Yeah, but… I have known her since we were in Grade 6 or so and she still has copies of my bad teenage poetry. There have been times before of months and years of not talking. Do I HAVE to call her just because its her birthday?

Is it just stupid and self-defeating to do this just for the sake of being nice? Luckily, knowing her, I will probably get her answering machine. If I do end up doing it, I am going to make sure to ask for my dress back.