I read a lot. I just read Hey Nostradumus! and enjoyed the local narrative, but suspect it might be one of those books you have to take a couple whirls through. Kind of like how I had to watch Casino and Vertigo a few times to figure out whattheheck was going on.

I am currently working my way through an illustrated book on Japanese architecture, the title of which I cannot remember, and recalling the time when I spent a month in Gifu, Kyoto and Nara touring temples, gardens, shrines, castles and even a few homes. Peeking into teahouses and contemplating Buddhas, the smell of tatami mats.

I just got a whack of new things from the fabulous Word on the Street festival, including Exact Fare Only 2. Perhaps along with the original, it is the world’s only anthology of true public transit experiences. I love the first book, especially a poetic essay about riding a Greyhound cross-country called “Hounded to the Coast”. In the second, which I have not explored fully, a cautionary tale of taxis in Thailand and the experience of riding long-distance buses in India have already captivated me.

Mostly, I find myself reading Stitch and Bitch: the Knitters Handbook in front of the TV, with all its cute projects to try and reassuring directions for various techniques. If only my LYS didn’t keep such bankers hours, I could get something going.

I am trying and failing to remember what exactly was the last novel I read. It was a quick read, but any details escape me. What was it now?

Well, anyway, over the summer I read Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes, the Clothes They Stood Up In by Alan Bennett, and Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata. All fabulous. For antisocial types, Artful Dodging is also a good guide to “avoiding anyone, anytime”.

I will be volunteering at Writers Fest next month, so lots more good stuff to discover and pick up then.