My new knitting hobby is an excellent excuse to watch a lot of bad tv and fun movies. Since I’m often looking down at my work while laying about on the couch, I like things that don’t require much visual attention. Here then, are some viewing suggestions:


I won’t try to pretend this is all obscure and cool stuff, because knitting is the excuse I use to watch all the trashy crap I can.

Elimidate (you don’t want to look at the skankfest anyway)

The Surreal Life (the second season currently playing on Much More Music is much more fighty and conflict-driven than the first, thus fun to listen to)

Saved By the Bell

Iron Chef (The original Japanese version, not the sucky Iron Chef America. Allez cuisine!)

Airline (For those who can relate to the hell of customer service)

Pretty much any celebrity-gossip type show, especially the non-stop parade of them on Much More Music.


These are not bad movies per se, but uncomplicated enough that you don’t need to pay very close attention to the plot, and good enough to watch until you know it by heart. This is mostly girly stuff too.

Grease (yeah, you know the words)

Sixteen Candles

She’s All That

Clockwatchers (its about temping, so its got that mindless repetition thing happening)

Dirty Dancing

The Craft

The Wedding Singer

Viva Las Vegas (or whatever your favourite Elvis movie happens to be)

Jerry Maguire (as with all of Cameron Crowe movies, its got killer dialogue and soundtrack)

If nothing in my collection appeals, I usually flip on TBS and they’ve always got something Hollywood like What Women Want or Rush Hour on. Sometimes they’ll even play a movie twice in a row.

If you are more of a social knitter and in the Vancouver area, come knit with me and others at fine pubs twice a month.