In the latest issue of SubTerrain, along with a tasty centrefold photo essay on roadkill, there is an interview with Nikki Gemmell, the anonymous author of the erotic novel The Bride Stripped Bare. In the article, she quotes Gabriel Garcia Marquz as saying everyone has three lives: a public one, a private one, and a secret one. And of course, in the novel, the latter is what is being fully exposed, the naked underbelly of all our pretenses and appearances. But its got me thinking, and obsessing – what if I don’t have a secret life?

Which begs the question, what if I am just a wide, flat surface, despite all the sparklers on the cake? I don’t have any secret life. There are no nocturnal, Anais Nin-like wanderings and adventures hidden in my darkest depths. You can see right through me. I am just here.