Although I didn’t bother watching any of the presidential debates, I have been following the coverage of the “bulge” in Bush’s back with some interest. Tried to upload some pictures in case you haven’t seen them, but Hello! does not seem to want to be friends with Blogger yet. As would be expected, the various theories of what the heck could cause a rectangular bump under W’s jacket have not been covered in the mainstream news; were it not for my twin obsessions of Daily Show viewings (Jon Stewart – poster boy for yummy smartypants men) and I would have no idea it was even there.

Salon has done a few very good articles covering the question of what the bulge could be caused by, including one where they talk to experts in the fields of in-ear prompters, self-protective gear as well as the bloggers who believe Bush was wired in the debates. If its true that he was getting help with his homework, it would explain why he never seems to be able to just spit out a whole goshdanged sentence all at once.

So, here’s a brief list of stuff that makes me feel smarter:

the weekend edition of the Globe and Mail

CBC TV documentaries, especially The Passionate Eye

the Tyee

Geist magazine

CBC Radio

On the other hand, I don’t really understand this whole Slate thing I keep hearing about. All their links seem to lead to MSN stuff.

Gotta go. Must knit.