The last two nights (and this afternoon), I have been volunteering at Writers Festival. I haven’t seen any events yet, as they all seem to take place at the same time I am “on shift.” My job however, is to sell books at the events. We get the books of the authors who are reading, take them to the venue, and sell them before and after the show.

In between, there is plenty of time to read. The event on Thursday night, Fine Phantasm featured the big new book Jonathan Norrell and Mr. Strange or whatever its called, but fantasy isn’t really my genre. While there is plenty of time to read while the show is going on inside the theatre, I had been reading all day at my temp job (Oh Play that Thing by Roddy Doyle, the new sequel to A Star Called Henry). Yes, they gave me nothing to do and apparently just sitting and reading was okay by them.

Last night (Friday), the event featured several international authors brought together under the theme of Writers Without Borders. They actually gave me something to do at the temp job, so I was not burned out on sitting and reading for the day. This one, I saw several books I’d like to buy, especially since being a volunteer gives me a big ol’ 10% discount. I read the first chapters of and liked As Far as You Can Go by Lesley Glaister (Australia?), Leading the Cheers by Justin Cartwright (London by way of South Africa), and Andrea Levy’s (UK) Never Far from Nowhere.

We’ll see what else I can pick up today – the great thing about this festival is discovering and reading fun stuff you’d never have gotten otherwise. Also getting to talk to interesting folks about writing, book design, and wiggling out of giving people I’ve never met rides home.