Bored. Bored senseless. Bored through and through, a hole in the ground I could crawl down into.

So sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t write about temping, especially not on my own time. But everyday, I go into this place, they give me nothing to do, and I just stare at the clock, willing it to move faster than the glacial pace it has settled into.

At the very least, they don’t seem to really mind if I read and write while I’m sitting there answering the phone. But I keep watching the clouds moving outside and think, I could be doing this at home! And getting something for myself done.

I don’t mean to complain, as getting to read at work is pretty sweet. And apparently, the computer will be hooked up tomorrow, so after almost three weeks they might actually give me something to do. But that’s it. Friday. Gone. Temp agency – sorry, busy, got another assignment.

And then I will lock myself in here for a solid week. Sorry, busy, working.