Booty gotten last night in the door prize at the Writers Festival Volunteer party:

1 framed original print of “Otters at Savary Dock” by fellow volunteer and artist Gary Sim (sorely needed artwork for bare walls of home)

1 box of Celestial Seasonings Tea

1 gift certificate to Plum, funky clothing store up the street (need clothes stat!)

2 tickets to hear Norman Jewison speak on November 21

2 new books from Festival, plus a copy of Wings of the Dove by Henry James

***All this in addition to gifts received at the Volunteer Orientation, including one copy of Women in Love by DH Lawrence, a $10 Starbucks card and a Writers Festival umbrella.***

And here I had almost considered just staying at home instead of making the trek across town to attend. Another reason I am glad I did go out was the readings by volunteers from their own work, and the appearance of special guest star Shane Koyczan as “the Poet”.

This guy rocks. My favourite reading of his was a send-up of poetry night cliches, including the unnecessary dramatics hammy performers put into their readings. I think I also caught a subtle jab at William Shatner there. Although, my personal issue is with the hip-hop types who do that thing with their hands (fingers in a bird beak shape, up down up down) as they sing-song through some rant about injustice…

And although I didn’t stay up all night crafting my own odes to love and beauty, as such an experience inspires me to do, I went to sleep and got up on time to temp. Stopping in at Starbucks to finally spend a bit of that gift card on a latte for a treat, i accidentally opened my change purse and the coins flew out. I hate bending down to pick up pennies, but the man behind me bent down and picked up the ring that had fallen out.

It was the promise ring my husband gave me when we were first going out. I have kept it in my wallet since he gave me another ring – who am I? Liz Taylor? Diamonds on two hands? – and I would have hated to lose it. I tried to thank the man as he passed me, wanted to tell him what he had retrieved for me. But he just said “You’re welcome” and moved on the sugar station.