I wish I was interesting this week. Like the people who created this site (thanks for procrastinating, Maktaaq), or that irrepressibly ironic James Lileks. Who, after making me convulse with laughter at his Gallery of Regrettable Food, has a new book out on interior design horrors from the 70s called Interior Desecrations.

Oh I feel bad for laughing… they were as helplessly caught in the trends then as we are now. Our grandmothers earnestly knitted those barbie doll dress tp holders to spruce up the biffy, tried to make the living room more presentable for company by making white doilies for the coffee table. My parents tried to be mod when they remodeled the rec room back in the early 80s.

Will the IKEA minimalist look last 4ever? Will the “pimped-out” house look stupid in 20 years? Your kids are going to laugh themselves stoopid at pictures of people looking ridiculous in a poncho and did-i-shave? low-rider jeans in the 2000s fashion magazines they’ll unearth at the Sally Ann and Value Village and sell on Ebay for bucks.

Everything is transitory and fleeting.