Since posting the last message yesterday about Americans wanting to move to Canada, I spent a fair amount of time clicking through the local rants and raves and discussion forums at Craigslist. Lots of vitriol out there, Canadians and Americans calling each other Nazis, fighting viciously over our respective advantages. Recent columns of Savage Love have also gotten into the act of promoting Canada as this utopian wonderland of tolerance, gay marriage, pot, and health care.

Well, it may be true that in Vancouver at least, the cops turn a blind eye to people shooting up heroin in alleyways (though it depends on the neighbourhood), but they’ll haul you in for lighting up a ciggy in the wrong place, such as a licensed drinking establishment.

If any Americans are actually reading this, and considering a move to our special corner of the world – British Columbia may not be the place to go if you are looking to escape one-party rule and a one-trick-pony media that turns a blind eye to our business-lovin’ leader getting caught driving under the influence. In another country. And splashing his mugshot across the papers, then promptly forgetting about it. They also obediently refrained from asking any impolite questions the next year when the police raided the provincial house of government and took out boxes of evidence allegedly related to ministerial staff being involved in biker gangs and drug dealing on company time. But our courts sealed up the warrants so that we couldn’t find out why they went in or exactly what they got. The Premier couldn’t even be bothered to return from his vacation to comment, as I recall

The Men in Suits we allow to rise to the top in both countries are all running their domains very much like CEOs – they don’t respect us peons who elect (or don’t elect) them, and they don’t want any input or oversight into how things are gonna go (that point I must credit to a recent essay in Bitch magazine). The point being, we have arrogant pooheads running the show here in Canada too. We also fear a vote for an alternative party is going to throw the election to the guy we don’t want to win.

Maybe its all a bit rambly today – there are many things I love about Canada and lots I love about the US. Where would we be without Elvis, barbecue, The Great Gatsby, John Steinbeck, Hollywood movies, New York City, lightbulbs, Microsoft and The Simpsons? We could certainly do without Britney Spears, reality TV, the KKK, nuclear weapons, SUVs and guys who think “pimpin’ hos” is really cool, but guess what? You can see all the American TV shows here anyway.

By the way, if you want that free knee surgery, health care comes with a line-up. No place is perfect, but Canada is home to me. If you want to make it yours too (not just an escape route) Canada welcomes you.