One walk through the neighbourhood and down to the public market, one found jar of kimchee and one creampuff later, I am feeling much better about life. The problem that was bringing me so low was not necessarily a lack of money but a lack of inspiration.

If you are an artist of any stripe and start feeling not interested in anything – food, sex, books, people, movies, media, take your pick – its awfully hard to pick yourself up and start creating new work. A studio or den is not an isolation chamber.

A long time ago, I read that book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. That, and the SEARCH program here at the Alliance for Arts organization in Vancouver have taught me that its important to take an abundant approach and think about finances in terms of creating rather than cutting back. Unfortunately, I seem to have no gift for attracting huge sums of money but enough seems to come from somewhere to allow me to continue on.

As for finding inspiration? Looking in shop windows on the street, checking which way the clouds are moving, browsing for dinner ingredients, and treating myself to just a little something out of the ordinary engage and sharpen the senses. Having enjoyed a plate of pan-fried udon with fresh vegetables and spicy kimchee, and a few cups of tea on the good dishes, even the horrifying display of designer clothes and unimaginably expensive vacations of Sex and The City fails to depress me.