Cruising the web while temping, I came across Ripe Magazine. This Kitsilano Braintrust actually wants writers to send them money ($10) for the honour of submitting! To pay their costs and provide “exposure” to new BC writers. They don’t pay anything, natch.

A submission fee is standard for most literary contests, but at least you have a chance of getting some money and accolades, and they usually give entrants a subscription or something. So, what I want to know is whether you have come across any other markets that expect you to pay for having work considered?

These folks claim that they work as a volunteer collective and that no one is making any money from the project. I know a life of letters isn’t a moneymaker, but why do it if you’re really not pulling in anything above and beyond the costs? Could it be – a SCAM?

In the course of investigating these shysters via Google, I did come across Writers Weekly, an ezine that looks to be an excellent source of writing and market info.