Is it December already? I remember getting chocolate advent calendars that I would put up beside my bed, and wait to start opening the little doors that counted down to Christmas Eve. My sisters ate most of their chocolates right away, I rationed mine sensibly. It was just in time too, for the Halloween supply had usually have diminished to a few pieces of generic crap candy.

The clock is ticking (no, not that one) now! Down to the Big C. Decorating to be done, parties to plan (no potluck!), outfits to pick out (with shoes), gifts to make, crowds to elbow, showings of It’s A Wonderful Life to avoid (I’ve always hated that whole alternate universe Pottersville), and families to not kill. And lets not forget making time to gorge on Dad’s homemade smoked salmon! Yum!

I am making some of my gifts this year, but haven’t yet started knitting those manly scarves and hats I have been planning for my husband and my grandpa, whose name I got in the gift exchange. What on earth do you get for Christmas for a retired cowboy who is diabetic and unlikely to state a need for anything? He could use a warm wool cap for his morning trips to the general store for coffee. Luckily, there are two Stitch’n’Bitch sessions coming up this month to get my ass in gear. I almost wrote beer.

In other news, I just picked up the new issue of Bust, which contained the happy news that my favourite quarterly ladies magazine will now be out bi-monthly.

Happy Hurrydays and Merry Cashmas, let your wallet be light.