Oshashiburi, it’s been a long time.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday. I did nothing but eat and when I came up for air on Monday morning discovered the newspaper headlines about the earthquakes and tsunamis in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and elsewhere. My neighbour was spending Christmas in Thailand so my first thought was “I hope he’s okay…” picturing going through his apartment and finding some really insane porn magazine stash. But he came back Tuesday morning and when he came over to get his keys his chief complaint was that he had called his “girlfriend” long-distance and another dude answered the phone. Then a bunch of TMI stuff related to that that you don’t wanna know about it even in this medium of tell-all confessionals and self-referential blabber.

I’ve both missed and dreaded blogging. Been working long hours lately on a temp assignment in the Teal Blue Prison and although they treat you well, the place is like a vaccuum on the brain. A deadly silent tower of binders, name badges and codes of conduct with a pretty view from the upper floors. It has taken a good week to get my energy back and build any sort of idea for blogging.

All I want to do is knit, really, and watch my badass TV and DVDs of Sex and the City.

I also managed to polish off the excellent Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. Them British dames know how to write an addictive historical crime thriller.

I expect to write a lot more in January. It’s always a month to stay in bed as much as possible and crawl forth only to eat and write, usually in that order.