Walked around outside with my dog this afternoon. The trails are probably still too icy for a semi-serious hike along Deep Cove leg of the Baden-Powell Trail, but it was a beautiful day to walk along the beach and play in the snow at Panorama Park. The snowy mountains across the Arm (I still don’t know their names) in Belcarra and Coquitlam and the clear water give me that peaceful easy feeling of playing an old record.

It’s still bloody cold, but it turns that January is really not so bad after all. I am ready to emerge from hibernation. Judging by the commercials on daytime TV for personal injury lawayers, medical office assistant career training schools, cheap car insurance, and lenders who’ll approve you “even if you have Bad Credit!” only losers stay at home watching this shit anyway.

I am glad blogging forces me to write regularly, because most of the time I am not sure what to do with myself. Blogging is an ongoing quest to be interesting, witty and informative, trying to bring something useful to whoever y’all are out there. I try to do this even when I am feeling none of the above.

Here’s to post No. 46 in the blogalogue!