I guess I did get what I wanted. Going along in my perfectly ordinary way, suddenly there was drama, fireworks, action. Somebody thinks I’m a cold-hearted bitch, at least that’s what she said. I’ll be damned if I was going to use up any more precious mobile phone minutes (billed by the second) on that kind of abuse.

Rationally, the hatred is not really directed at me but through me to the person she blames for all her pain. Why am I getting shit for my husband’s choice of drinking buddy? I’ve asked myself all night long.

This is all so familiar too, a girl friend getting mad at me for what the boys are doing. And after the fight, apologies that are not apologies come via email basically saying “I’m apologize for getting mad and calling you all that nasty stuff. But you are a bitch, so you’d better change and be nice to me.”

Thanks for reading. I needed to vent. I promise to stick to rants about things like potlucks and publicists as much as possible from now on. Returning you to your regularly scheduled life,