I am not in a good mood. Some sort of free-floating hostility took over my body during the afternoon ride home and was making me pissed off at everyone from the dazed tourists clogging up the escalators (is walk left, stand right really so hard for you people?) to the office lady carrying a ridiculous bunch of flowers with a Love balloon floating up in the middle. I was mad at the transit employees who can’t set the “Next sailing in….” clock properly so I would know I have to book it! Even things that I anticipated happening were making me edgy – such as lovely husband telling me he can’t go for a walk with me because he had already been for one.
Thank you God, Allah, Buddha, Papa Smurf and Earth Goddess for giving humans the gift of Discmans.
As we were all walking up the ramp, I saw a guy who had a tail reaching down his collar. Ew. I got home and slammed things around. As it turned out, Donovan did agree to go for a walk with me up to the shops and fully supported my decision to eat two Burger King double cheeseburgers for dinner. With beer and fries.
Still, although I calmed downed momentarily, my temper is hair-trigger fine. I am locked away in my room so as not to hurt anyone.
General pissed-off-ed-ness. Even though I don’t do Valentine’s Day, I still feel guilt about not participating in love and romance and all that crapola. The only sensible thing to do today is be alone.