A green troll pecks at the keyboard with gnarled fingers. Hunched over and safe in anonymity, all kinds of bitterness come pouring forth and flow out through sharp fingernails that are as pointed as the head that controls them. It grunts as it writes cautionary tales and discoveries, and where necessary, getting specific with names and places.
And afterwards, once the publish button is pressed, the troll sits back in its chair, folding hands behind its head and smirks. And once again, it morphs back into the sweet self it shows to the outside world, a pink-cheeked smiling woman. But a little of the blogtroll remains inside, in thoughts that say things like “Will they know it’s me? Will they know what I really meant and intended by writing these thoughts?” The blogtroll knows that it would be dishonest to pull back and erase what has already been written and delete the truest things that sometimes were not said so nicely and tactfully but feel important to say nonetheless.
The blogtroll takes risks that the woman sometimes cringes to think about. For people who know both the blogger and the person, it can be shocking to read what they really think, and the blogger may limit what they reveal in writing because some readers know them as real-life friends, coworkers and family. You said what? to the entire world?
Strange what combinations of Google search terms bring visitors here. Enjoy your stay and please do feed the blogtroll who craves words and interaction. Risk-taking doesn’t pose much of a challenge when the plunge is taken anonymously.