You might recall that the assignment I took didn’t start out so well. I am still here and thought I ought to provide an update on the situation.

Bad: On three separate days, I went home and cried from the boredom and frustration of this place.
Good: Sometimes I have time to blog. And my desk faces away from the cubicle opening so there is opportunity for concealment of whatever illicit Craigslist-surfing or blog reading I happen to be doing.

Bad: I spend much of my time ordering food for overfed executives and their thousands of meetings.
Good: If I haven’t had a chance to pack a lunch, there are usually goodies laying (lying?) around. I have also been taken out for lunch twice.

Bad: I cringe at the MBA-porn business-speak that permeates many of the (ooh, top secret!) documents I handle.
I have no upside for this one. Abuse of language is such a crime and”operationalize” is not a real word. Look it up.

Bad: While I feel that I am making good money for the idiot labour I am performing, I also see how much all the consultants in the department charge, and they’re getting hefty cheques for dodgy work. “Change Management”? Leeches.
Good: I’ve saved some money for school in September.
Bad: Who knows how long this will go on?

Bad: They are starting to put on this not-so-subtle pressure to stay in the office at lunch and linger beyond 4:30. “Hey it’s 4:31, you’re still here? Oh, you’re putting on your jacket – getting slow! Haha!” Good: Fuck that – if you get an hour for lunch, you take an hour. This temp stands firm on working the hours paid for and establishes that from the very beginning. I’m not lingering in my little padded cell (oops, cubicle) for form’s sake.

Bad: People eating cafeteria sandwiches at their desks on a sunny day? Why?
Good: One lovely co-worker has latched onto the idea that I am actually a food writer. We talk at length about local restaurants and he tells everyone “Hey! Did you know she’s a food writer?” One day, he got a whole group of people to go to a cafe around the corner for amazing cabbage rolls and perogies. On a rainy day, no less.

Bad: People say “Hello”, but in these crazy low whispers. One consultant stares at me every time he walks past my cube and does the Hello whisper thing. Huh? Speak up!
Good: The passive-aggressive bitchy woman who was there the first few days is long gone, and the woman I work with is really quite friendly and lovely. Compared to my fire-breathing, sinus-clearing, water-please eating habits, she likes everything plain, plain, plain. I am keeping a list of “Foods ______ Eats” as a joke because its so limited. She’s the kind of person who can laugh about things like that.

Bad: Some days I feel like I am just there to take care of all these other people’s needs and all their tedious details.
Good: If I need it, I have people who take care of me.

Bad: I start caring too much and obsess about those minor details and slights.
Good: I slog away at my own projects and try to make some things that are good for me start happening now.