This is my Popstrology:

1975: The Year of Elton John
It was a year of wild diversity — a year in which nonconformity was the official popstrological credo, as evidenced by the significant activity in the constellation Sui Generis. Elton John was not the only one-of-a-kind star from that constellation of incomparables to work his magic in the pop universe of 1975, for under his benevolent and nonjudgmental rule two more icons of individuality emerged: the unstoppable John Denver and the inexplicable Barry Manilow. When you consider that they were born at a time when millions of Americans who had never been within fifty miles of a working farm were walking around humming about haystacks and flapjacks under the influence of John Denver’s Thank God I’m A Country Boy, it should be no mystery why the children of the Elton John generation are such enemies of traditional boundaries and barriers and such nonsticklers for plausibility in matters of identity construction.

…and furthermore, for the birthdates of July 20-July 26 my Birthstar and Birthsong are Van McCoy doin’ “The Hustle”. Well who even knew what the name of the singer was when you can have such a great time bumping bums with strangers on one of those dance floors with all the lights in them? Is this a fountain of useless information or what?

I knew there must have been a reason for my crush on this man. all_time_greatest_hits_john_denver_big