I know its getting to be spring when:

  • My inbox is crammed with invitations to book parties and launches and festivals.
  • The herbs on the porch get a visit and a “hello darlings” before my husband does.
  • I start getting snarked off by people saying “So what are you going to knit now that its warm?”
  • Restaurants boast about their patios.
  • The branches of cherry trees dip all the way down to the ground, they’re so heavy with flowers.
  • My feet stink and the air smells great.
  • The closets need cleaning and my links list needs a makeover.
  • Ugh! Fucking tourists! Learn to walk!
  • The teenage girls must not be so cold now, sporting their teeny hoochie jackets and jeans. Add sunglasses and voila! spring!
  • The days get longer and everyone is out walking the seawall in the evening.
  • Deadlines for everything but taxes seem more flexible.
  • From fiscal years to photosynthesis and pollen counts, everyone calls in sick and then begins again. Yep, we do it every year. Spring has no memory, or at least I never remember what it’s like until it comes around again.

Go play.