Grad 93

It’s only 2005 and we’re already nostalgic about the 90s. The radio station is doing a 90s weekend and it won’t be long before we’re out buying BH 90210 DVD box sets and Melrose Place Tshirts, and having parties featuring the Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wilson Phillips and C+C Music Factory. (Remember CDs, we’ll say?)
This is me in grade 12. The little writeups beside the picture are our “memories” and I tried real hard to dredge some up, not wanting my little piece to sound like a nerd’s writeup where they thank teachers. I wanted to be like the cool people with all the initials (too little space to spell out ALL the names of friends) and mems of Mexico, the Okanagan, camping trips with friends. The important thing was be cryptic and fill it with inside jokes and special names for “Got drunk with”, “got high at”, and “had sex/makeout/special times with.”
My only real hope out of high school was to live the legend of the loser who becomes an envied goddess by virtue of the same talents that went shunned in high school. I know its antisocial but I still distrust people who say they had a good time in high school.