“Now you’re just ordinary people. Ten seconds ago you were gods in the flesh!” yelled the man walking in front of Waterfront Station.
Everyone turned around to look, as they do at the shouters and shufflers in this city. It struck me as profound a statement as it was random. Then I thought, it seems like a familiar statement. Had I crossed paths with the shouting man before? (One does run into the same homeless people again and again.) Was he quoting something? (Google turned up nothing.)
What if I do possess some hidden or forgotten creative power that I’m currently burying under a pile of life’s likely excuses? to paraphrase Lester Burnham, the anti-hero of American Beauty, I know I don’t always have to feel so sleepy and what I had, and lost, I’m going to get back.
That goes double for my bus pass, by the way. I lost it last month, right around this time. Damn if it didn’t turn up 3 weeks later in the most bleedin’ obvious place.