Somebody. Please help. I need to get away from the Rants and Raves section of my local Craigslist. Why do I keep going back there, every goldanged day to read posts bitching about girls who are sluts who only want money, bad drivers, Asian people, unfriendly people/Vancouver sucks, and bad customer service, plus all the posts going back and forth to insult and argue with the original post! The whole thing stinks of the uneducated, the ignorant and angry masses calling each other stupid, yet clearly being totally illiterit [sic] themselves.
A favourite insult among the CL’ers is “asshat”. What’s an asshat, metaphorically speaking. I know what as an asshole is, it makes sense, the anatomical reference. But asshat is beyond me. Underwear? Strategically placed party hat? BDSM gear someone like Dan Savage would know best about? Despite the crappy spelling, untangle-able sentences and ideas as big as a 13 year-old’s head, I’m on there 2, 3 times a day or more!
It infects me, this Craigslist. I’m writing a rant about it and not even very well. I’d never even make Best of Craigslist with this post.