Pride and Prejudice. I know everyone else saw it ages ago and that Bridget Jones’s Diary is all but based on it, but I just watched all six hours on DVD over the past two nights. It was completely and utterly enthralling, and I’m not just talking about Colin Firth. The sets, costumes, action, and Jennifer Ehle, who plays Elizabeth Bennett (lucky girl!), were all so absorbing that any extra-DVD commentary and opinion was quickly shushed. Sorry, baby.
I’m probably the last person to read the book too. I will, once the actors fade a bit from their scenes in my mind. Although I’ve never been one to latch on to things while they are happening and usually discover them long after the cool media people have gone along, I am not as bad as the customer who walked into the literature section of the bookstore and inquired “Has Jane Austen written any new books lately.” The poker-faced clerk replied “No, I don’t think she has written anything new in the past few years.”