I’m just not cool. We were talking about famous bloggers, the ones who get nominated for Bloggies, appear on the Blogebrity lists, or get paid for blogging (somehow). Maybe they write real well about things people are actually interested in (such as their sex lives or celebrity gossip), but maybe they all just live in New York and DC and know each other anyway.
If you click the Next Blog button at the top right of the screen and go surfing, however, the world of blogs doesn’t seem anything like the earth-shattering revolution it’s made out to be. Go, count how many there are of the following in about 10-15 clicks: Randomly titled spam blogs with the same links over and over, a teenager writing about their latest breakup trauma, Asian girl blogs with giant anime graphics, comment boxes and a special song just for you, and my favourite, the LDS bloggers who just about had me there.
But whether they are running big sites everyone wants a link to or moms posting pictures of the kids, blogs are getting some serious attention as New Media. This online magazine, NotaBlog, is published by journalism students at NYU and features some good articles on how to be a better blogger as well as interviews with the likes of Craig Newmark (yeah, that Craig) and Kurt Andersen.
I jumped from NotaBlog to Gothamist, another multi-city yet local weblog written by a select group of bloggers. in each town. They’ve got a Seattlest and a Torontoist. Can a Vancouverist be far behind? I’m thinking of throwing myself in there, but the guidelines said I must post at least three times a week to qualify. I suppose I should step it up, as I’ll never be a famous blogger at this pace anyway.