Somewhere in the world, the new Harry Potter book is on sale. I confess, I might never have noticed, had it not been for the media coverage of 14 books that had been sold by the Real Canadian Superstore. It’s pretty ridiculous that Raincoast had to go and get a court order to prevent the buyers from disclosing the contents etc. Publishers generally don’t keep a lot of money lying around for lawyers as much as, say, mining companies. But I think they had to do it because they had to demonstrate to JK and the Bloomsbury gang that they were doing something about the broken embargo. They don’t call Raincoast’s super-sized offices and rather impressive warehouse “the House that Harry Built” for nothing, so I reckon our fearless Vancouver kids want to hang on the their Yorkshire Pudding gravy boat.
How thrilled was I when Jon Stewart and Rob Corddry tag-teamed to make sport of my town over this whole “literary security” issue? Rob Corddry in drag intoning “Could…It…Happen…HERE?” could have been Dave Foley if I blinked my eyes.
Tomorrow night, none of this ultra-secret plot secrecy preservation will matter as millions of rabid children get their hands on the latest thing. I’m happy that they’re reading but I’ll steer clear of bookstores for the next couple days at least.