Dear You,

It’s me. I haven’t had much to say lately in terms of shattering insight and piercing wit. In fact, I’m carefully deliberating over every word I’m saying now that I’m officially a writing student. Wait, did I punctuate that sentence properly.
My brain has been switched back on and I’m pleased to find it is fully functioning. The last month has been a screamer – new information coming in, new faces and names, and a whole lotta work. My first assignment was to write an essay on procrastination and I haven’t had time for it since.
I’ll mostly spare you the stream of consciousness on grammar, spelling and punctuation, since the craft of good writing should be pretty much invisible except for when it sucks.
The only downside of not being an office drone with loads of free time is that I’ve neglected a lot of people in my life lately – online and offline. I suck and you are right to hate me, for now. Please return my phone calls and emails and I will make you spaghetti and meatballs.
Meatballs are good. I call on every person I’ve neglected for a good old fashioned Meatball Potluck.