It’s been a long day. You’re sitting at home and relaxing, maybe having a scotch and soda as you’re watching the news. They’ve got nothing else to report on in the way of cancer prevention or miracle methods of reversing aging, so the health report is on the obesity epidemic and diabetes blah blah blah. Cue up the pictures of tragic midriffs encased in sweatpants, people walking down the street holding ice cream. And suddenly – that’s your ginormous ass sprayed across the plasma widescreen. How would you feel?
I ask you, news reporter people to do two things: 1) ask yourself how you would feel if that was your bum illustrating what’s wrong with society and 2) instead of scapegoating the tragic underclass for being fat and malnourished, show some pictures of the gazillionaires who profit from the booming sales of Happy Meals and Mars Bars. That’s right – I want to see the faces of those who make and market all that so-called food.
I guess it’s not so easy to get pictures of the rich people as it is to walk out on the street to video normal people going about their business. Or ask their permission. You guys and girls are freaking reporters with all the might of Fox, CNN or CanWest Global behind you. Go ahead and ask if you can borrow a butt to make your point about what’s wrong with the way we live and eat. I dare you.