There were commercials for Christmas lights during The Exorcist on Halloween night. Couldn’t we enjoy the spooky darkness a bit longer before being bombarded with happy Christmas propaganda? I happen to like my Novembers dark and bleak and rainy, full of bare trees and chill winds and excuses to stay the hell inside.
But no, I’m already being asked to buy big-screen TVs for my loved ones and go frolicking through the the snow wearing colourful made-in-Malaysia mittens.
Today was also Remembrance Day, which I happen to like for its solemnity and silence. Usually we go to the ceremony nearby, but I slept in (and it was pissing November Rain) and watched the ceremony in Ottawa on the CBC. Remembrance Day ceremonies are the one time of the year I can handle bagpipers.
Anyway, to stretch out the melancholy late fall, I give you me in my Halloween getup: OD’ed on Prom Night.