My new god’s name is Nando. As in “Nando’s Chicken Land“, home of spicy Carribean Chicken. I was jonesing for something hot and spicy last night after class – a samosa, some curry, a bit of kimchi – anything with a kick. The Indian restaurant we originally spotted was closing for the night; although they offered to seat us, as a former restaurant slave I did not want to be the one stupid customer (and her date) preventing the whole staff from going home.
A few doors away, though, the Nando’s sign beckoned us through the darkness. Well, actually it’s situated on a neon-heavy strip next to a gigantic mall, but the point is, they serve spicy food and they were open. So it was good enough. The spicy rice they serve on the side is so good, I almost love it more than the peri-peri chicken wings. Unlike the chicken wings you get as pub food, these ones were spicy without being all sticky. Multiple napkins were still required, but there was no call for those moist towelettes sometimes served with wings. Don had a spring mix salad with spicy chicken strips on top and garlic dressing, and what a fantastic treat it was to bite into something all fresh and crispy and spicy all at the same time. We debated over whether beer takes away the tingly mouth feeling produced by the food, but after a long day at school I needed a tall, cool one.
I love eating with a man who doesn’t mind if I make a mess of myself while I eat. MMM, wingy!
My parents cook with so few spices and herbs, they have disused Woodward’s Food Floor-brand spices in their cupboards. (Woodward’s closed in what? 1994?) I need the recourse to food that makes my nose run, even if my poor-student student status means we can’t go out and get a proper curry every night. We’ll have our kitchen again in a month or so. The first thing I plan to make is a fabulous Thai seafood curry. Just like Nigella.