Let’s see: multiple looming deadlines must mean it’s time to…. drive around in the fog and buy magazines! Add in browsing time and a few stops at grocery and drug stores open on Sunday evening, and I spent about an hour and half to buy, oh, two magazines. I had more but got impatient at the checkouts and realized an inexplicably expensive knitting magazine I was about to purchase (that would be Knit.1) didn’t really have anything worth making.
However, this month’s issue of Food and Wine with a gorgeous chocolate cake on the cover should give me much reading, if not actual cooking, pleasure. My theory as to why I am buying food porn without having full and proper access to my regularly stocked kitchen is that I need some sort of domestic feeling even when stuck in temporary quarters. Some people take drugs, I drool over the Gingerbread Roll on Last Page, luxury kitchen money shots and shiny panini grills. Oh, and read the recipes, anything involving shrimp, crostini or wasabi.
Cruising the racks, I also discovered a new and entertaining magazine called Radar. Among it’s articles deconstructing celebrity culture are how-to’s on hiring a celebrity (so that’s how they can afford all those clothes without appearing to do any worthwhile music and movies – they get paid!) and a comparison of America’s Next Top Model with cult recruiting techniques. I think it’s a magazine aimed at guys because all the magazines with interesting, snarky articles are aimed at guys. Apparently, I’m supposed to be interested in fashion and Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian whatver whatever every month. However, since I’m supposed to be working (hello, genre analysis) I’ll have to read them later.