It was good to get away, even just overnight. The ferry from Vancouver to Saltspring took about 3 hours, stopping off at Galiano, Mayne and Pender Island before reaching Long Harbour. But perhaps because that boat was full of people headed out to laid-back retreats, I didn’t get nearly as twitchy as on the big ferry that we took back today, full of competitive urbanites announcing their personal space entitlements with jackets and bags draped all over the prime seats next to the windows. Looking into people’s faces as we walked along the corridors, I saw only blank, stony expressions. One or two old women smiled at the sight of my knitting needles poking out of my bag.
My favourite part of ferry travel, however, is walking the decks. I especially love the sight of seagulls gliding in the wake of the ship; it always reminds me of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” – the ill-fated albatross in particular.
The weather was just a touch gloomy too – there was rain, fog, clouds, and sun all in the space of the 36 hours or so of being away from here. The entire day, I didn’t even think about grammar or grades or genre. I especially didn’t think about while polishing off big greedy glasses of wine sitting in the outdoor hot tub! A certain paper I’m dreading writing did seep through my sleepy subconscious… i hate that obsessive shit. Oooh, alliteration.
On to the analysis then. Eftsoons.