While not constructing elaborate fantasies of how I would cater my Christmas party, I like to imagine how my friends in far off places would celebrate their holidays. Call it my version of a Christmas card.
Makiko-chan lives in Paris, and I like to picture her walking down twinkling French streets with her cute French husband and designer window shopping. She would be impeccably dressed (no matter what her budget) and set off by flushed red cheeks. Miss you, OneeChan.
Amy, my favourite lawyer, would surely be found at the center of a party in a very hip London pub or wine bar. She dazzles a crowd with funny stories and screaming wit. Big hugs all around while getting smashed.
Claire-sama, all tanned and sexy-like down in Oz, is barbecuing Turkey with her mystery man down in Oz. They would be speaking Japanese to each so no one else is the wiser.
Zed is sitting down to vegan Christmas dinner with friends, family and his Mum. He will be in the middle of constructing elaborate art projects for a midwinter fair and running workshops to teach children how to have a sustainable Christmas. You are a child of the Universe, sensei.
Yen-chun will have escaped his cubicle (with twinly miniature Christmas tree) for a nice, sunny golf course. I think he will dress for the occasion in perfectly suitable yet slightly rumpled golf attire. Afterwards, its whiskey and videogames at the clubhouse.
Ally will be playing his guitar from friends while outside, big snowflakes are falling softly on the streets of Edinburgh. On Christmas Day, his mum will cook an amazing dinner and his dad will pull out a special bottle of whiskey for the occasion. They’ll all be speaking in such lovely accents, too.
Happy times from Canada, you international party people.