Freedom, horrible freedom! I wrote my last exams on Friday, did the drunk celebration thing with classmates, and now what do I do with myself? I have this weird sense of withdrawal similar to my mental state brought on by finishing a good book and then wondering what the heck to read next?
Not that I mind so much not having to spend a good chunk of the weekend preparing the several assignments due each week in this course. For instance, last night, instead of hunkering down with classmates to study diabolically obscure grammar points (fuck yeah, I know what a restrictive appositive is!), I got to spend Saturday evening with aka Maktaaq and Matt watching Buster Keaton movies and eating mini-mountains of Greek appetizers. Those silent movies are fantastic. As we watched stunts such as a chase through a house full of trap doors in The High Sign and do-it-yourself comedy in One Week, we realized Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny had been ripping off Buster Keaton for sight gags all these years. (Charlie Chaplin’s too.)
Today was more of a doing-stuff-I-was-meaning-to-get-done day. Besides going for a two-hour walk through the neighbourhood with my dog, I got down and organized a bunch of our stuff that hadn’t been packed up when we moved out of our apartment. We had randomly thrown the last items from kitchen and bathroom into shopping bags and transported them at the end of the move. And there they sat, loose on the floor and in the garage: the plastic bag full of plates, the pile of purses on the floor, and the shoebox of bank statements. It was always at the back of my mind as I wrote this genre analysis or revised that essay, stupid as that sounds. I hate clutter as much as I hate small noises. They get into my brain.
At some point this month, when the Christmas shopping, and everything else that needs to be done, is done, I’ll sit back and think about how much I learned this last term, all the while anticipating the geeky delights of the second (copyediting, anyone?) Please, oh god, Santa, Satan, let me have moved by then. I won’t be having any International Foods Coffee moments living in this Christmas-with-the-family asylum. I was just thinking about how much I missed my classmates – the Grammar Rodeo buckaroos as well as the slappers – and was interrupted by my mother vacuuming. It’s 10 pm. She’s been going at it for well over an hour.
But I digress. I feel confused and lost and unsure of how to actually relax. I’m sure that I’ll get one of those illnesses you get on vacation when your body has to adjust to not stressing out for a while. “It’s only been a DAY,” Donovan said. Definitely some withdrawal happening. Hold me closer, Tony Danza.