I’m tired of the names for my comment links. I can’t think of any clever new names, so I’m asking for help and I’m willing to award a prize for the best suggestion. Here’s the deal:
1) Come up with three names, one for “no comments”, one for “one comment”, and one for “multiple comments”. Hint: I like themes.
2) Email your suggestions to me by hitting the “Fire Away” button in the sidebar. Don’t forget to change the email address. Please include your contact info in your entry.
3) If I like your suggestion and use it to rename my comment links, you shall win a fabulous prize! I will personally make you a handknitted item of my choice. Could be a hat, could be a cellphone cozy, could be ? (Please note prizes may take time to make.)
I’m a writer and I like deadlines. They give structure to aimless lives full of procrastination and trashy magazines. Your deadline is Friday, February 10, 2006.
Thanks and good luck!