People are making love, breaking up, sleeping, working, reading blogs, writing blogs, living life, raising houseplants. People are getting pregnant, getting abortions, wondering if they remembered the pill today, going out to meet someone, avoiding all human contact, looking for just a bit of attention from anyone. People are checking their emails, tapping out messages on wireless keypads, turning their phones to vibrate, seeing if friends are online, thinking about messages written in bottles, reading junk mail, recycling envelopes. People are creating, going to galleries, seeing bands, thinking “That’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back”, putting together Lego sculptures and watching movies they’ve seen a thousand times already. People are fighting, spitting at bus stops, struggling with umbrellas. People are sucking the marrow out of life and eating chocolate. People are experimenting, pushing forward, taking risks, adapting to circumstances, and transforming themselves. People are sick, wondering if they should call in sick. People are amazing to watch. I throw my arms out.