It finally happened. We moved into our new apartment. So far we’ve got food, couches, TV and clean underwear in there – the rest of the stuff is being moved in tomorrow. The last couple days, I have felt like I was in some sort of dream where I am camping in a hotel.
Everything is clean and new and open and spacious (like a hotel), but we are improvising arrangements, like you do when you are camping. Until Donovan found the bowls and bought some plastic eating utensils, we ate canned chili with a melon baller. We celebrated the first night by sipping expensive champagne (ooh la la) from a couple of coffee mugs.
The fact that this apartment is all ours just hasn’t quite sunk in yet.
The only thing I could make sense of in my world last night was that at least one channel saw fit to show Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day is a bit of a placeholder holiday – look, it’s only 6 more weeks to St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t acknowledge Valentines’ Day.
Back to me, now. I’m back on the road to adulthood. I might even remember how to cook.