Awhile back, Katherine Monk, the Vancouver Sun film critic (that’s film, not movies, y’all) wrote a book about Canadian cinema called Weird Sex and Snowshoes. The memorable title evokes instant recall of all the late-night movies about middle-class wife-swapping I’ve seen on Showcase that look like they were made in Quebec in the 70s. Usually they are badly dubbed into English.
And then today, the hiking listserv I subscribe to spat out this gem:

Hi everyone,

I’m organizing a snowshoe trip on Saturday with a group called Vanpoly ( which is an organization for people who are interested in polyamory. This snowshoe trip is only open to people who are polyamorous or are at least fairly open to the idea of falling in love with someone who wants to have multiple lovers. I thought there might be a few people on this list who are open to polyamory so if you are one of these people then hopefully you can come out for this snowshoe trip (and you may want to join the Vanpoly discussion group too).

If you’re new to the idea of polyamory then you may want to check out the FAQ at Polyamory is about having loving relationships with more than one person where all partners are ok with this. Polyamory is different than “swinging” since swinging usually implies a sex-oriented activity that places little, if any, focus on establishing a romantic, intimate long term connection. I’m fairly new to polyamory but I think it’s a really wonderful idea. I can’t see any good reasons for why people shouldn’t form multiple intimate relationships and I think the idea of having a support network of multiple lovers sounds wonderful (and it also sounds much more exciting to be able to have multiple lovers). I think people have been taught to believe that a person can’t be in love more than one person so they get really upset if they discover that their lover is in love with someone else but I think the truth is that most people can be in love with multiple people. But I won’t go on and on about the benefits of polyamory. If you like the idea of it, then hopefully I’ll meet up with you on this snowshoe trip or some other event. If not, then perhaps we’ll meet up on some other Wanderung trip.

The congruence of sex, snowshoes and Showcase struck me, and so in the spirit of polyamory, I share.