The Crowsnest is British Columbia’s Highway Three, starting at the junction with Highway 1 and Highway 5 just out of Hope, and snaking through the lower one-quarter of the province. The secion I’m most intimately familiar with is the road between Hope and Rock Creek, which takes you through Manning Park to Princeton, to Keremeos-fruit stand capital of Canada, maybe the world-and on through the Similkameen and Okanagan Valleys.
It’s a road I’ve probably gone over about a thousand times in my life – and that doesn’t seem like much of an exaggeration. We drove it yet again last weekend to see the family for my Grandma’s 80th birthday dinner.
A lot of the landmarks haven’t changed, although we were sad to notice that the West Hedley Mall sign has been taken down although the junkpile it signposted remains. We were glad to see that Floydd is yes, still gay after all these years.

You are Now Entering Floydd is Gay

Maybe it was driving up one day and returning the next that alerted us to a lot of “repressed graffiti of Interior teens.” The “Team Slut” rock stands on, although strangely, “team” has been crossed out. Instead of a team of sluts serving the Keremeos area, now there’s just one. Or many, all working alone.
Perhaps the Elks Motel was trying to welcome their business (this is not Photoshopped):

Sheets changed daily

I like motels, although I wouldn’t stay at one that advertises itself as Cumfy. The Super 8 in Osoyoos was surprising spiffy. And they provided for guilty pleasures.

Smoking on the Porch of the Super 8

Roadtrips are fun.