Victoria Day Weekend is here and it’s the official start of summer. Life is good – we’re eating good, fresh food and drinking alcohol with juices mixed in out there on the IKEA patio ensemble. Herbs are growing, the lawns are green, and the sun is shining, natch.
It’s oddly quiet too, being in town when all the rest of the city seems to have gone off to get in ferry lineups and mangle themselves on the highways. Maybe the lack of construction noise – long weekend break – contributes to my sense of uneasy peacefulness here at the homestead. However, I am excited about going to the Hyack Festival, a New Westminster tradition for 30-odd years. Tonight, it kicks off with fireworks which is pretty goshdarned exciting. We’re going to watch them from our friend’s place that has a view of the Mighty Fraser River. (Officially its just the plain old Fraser River, but in my mind I suffix it with “Mighty.”)
Mostly, I’m just sitting around knitting, watching movies, and reading The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood for the brand-spankin’ new book club. I can’t believe no one ever invited me, book nerd, to join their book club before. I feel so validated. I miss my knitting group – we had such fun knitting with our beers and girl drinks.
Haven’t got much else to say right now, so I believe I’ll just shut it.