My eyes are dim, I cannot see, I must always carry my specs with me. In the time I was gone (at least from a blogging POV), I’ve been doing a lot of editing. This profession involves long hours of sitting at a computer, staring at tiny fonts on a screen. So like an old lady, now I make those fonts huge! I think that’s one thing that I really like about Firefox over Explorer – the change font size command actually works. Right now, Firefox is letting me write this post in about 24 point type. It’s fabulous. So what if I’m blind?
Studies have shown that we don’t really read on screen, we scan, because it’s so tiring. I guess thats part of the excuse I can give for being out of this blogging thing for so long – after a long day of reading whole chapters, never mind whole manuscripts, on-screen in order to prepare books for production, the last thing I’ve felt like doing is writing on a computer when I get home.
The other reason I haven’t been writing much – period – is that I feel I’ve lost focus a bit with what I want to blog about, which is books and publishing. And food. Books, publishing, writing, and food. So after some pretty mediocre posts, I wanted to give up altogether.
But I didn’t want to leave you forever, my friends and readers, so as Gordon Ramsay would tell me if he were here, I’m going to get the fuck on with it.