Last night I went to the PNE. The PNE never changes – Superdogs, the Mooternity Ward, Win a House, Win a Car!, the Coaster, those mini doughnuts. I went with my usual PNE date J. (the husband can’t stand the PNE) and as we were standing in line for the nth time, I asked him “Have you seen any cute girls here yet?” J., single, almost-divorced, 30ish, replied, “None that wouldn’t make me a criminal.”
I feel a bit elderly in the midst of an ever-youngening crowd. Is that dizziness I feel coming off the rides? Is the Coaster getting faster and rougher? And who are all these skinny blond girls?

Kind of a cool thing about this years’ Fair was that they brought back a bunch of the old rides and set them up in an area that’s usually just a passage to and from the parking lot. Poor J. had suffered a mild concussion only a week ago, so by the time we were working our way out the gates, he couldn’t handle too much more whirling. I went on the Gravitron (now renamed the Starship 3000) and felt a bit ill from the extra-long ride. I recovered enough to convince PNE date to go on the 1001 Nachts with me (Nights? What the hell is a Nacht?) J. was done. I didn’t push it on the issue of the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Finally, while watching the Superdogs race around the agility course and leap over jumps in single bounds, I thought, “Some dogs jump. Some dogs lump.”

Lovable lump.