The other day, I received an innocuous enough email from someone on the JET Programme asking me to complete something or another in the form of a survey. ( JET is short for Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, which I went on in 1999. Shout out to Chiba-shi!) Apparently someone didn’t set up the listserve properly, because it is possible to reply to the entire list if you hit the Reply-All button. Apparently, there are a lot of people with their brains set up improperly because that’s what they are doing: sending out an email to the entire list with “Unsubscribe me, PLEAAASSEEE!” Then others are replying all to the list saying how”unprofessional” this is and would JETAA please stop sending out spam. And then others hit the Reply All button to tell everyone else not to reply all.
It’s really fucking amusing. I mean, it’s just email. But here are all these people broadcasting to thousands of people how really dumb and hostile they are. And in the process, the person who made the mistake in the first place is getting told a thousand times about what they did wrong. (It’s so Office Space.)
Sigh. At least this incident gives me the opportunity to show you something that made it into print from JETAA. This is a page from the JETAA alumni association directory, which was published and distributed to tens of thousands of former JETs around the world:

And that folks, was a mistake made on purpose. Whoever did this was expressing anger creatively towards their (non-English speaking) bosses. And they made it funny. So go ahead and make “mistakes”, but do it with some style.