A bit of a roundup today – because other people write good, and you should go read it.
Matt has discovered the formula for the perfect restaurant. It’s got chicken wings, it’s got pasta, it’s got elements of every other successful restaurant in town. Except Bread Garden, because they stink and I think they know it.
Over at Van Met Blogs, Jeffrey Simpson goes apeshit on those Loose Change 9/11 conspiracy nutjobs. Gotta love the line about the the Vancouver Art Gallery being the place to have a demonstration because “if holding up a sign gets too hard there’s a big set of stairs to sit on.” And the Penn and Teller show on conspiracy theories is a great lil link. Magical.
Maktaaq furthered my education in how words=money by forwarding me this post that lays out in plain English how the publishing game works. And you thought rock n roll was vicious.
Well, back to my pile of new magazines. I bought a copy of Vancouver Review because the irrepressible Angie interned there and gets a byline and a masthead credit in the current issue. But I’m really enjoying the Archaeology of Metrotown article, despite my own feelings towards that mall.