This one’s for my fellow inmates in Print Futures.
The City of New Westminster is looking for a Poet Laureate:

The City of New Westminster is seeking a Poet Laureate to write poetry, at the request of City Council and staff, for special occasions and events.
A Poet Laureate is responsible for reflecting the life of New Westminster by writing and reading poetry to mark and record important civic occasions. The Poet Laureate will also serve as an advocate for literacy, creative arts and act as a literary ambassador for the City.
Candidates must be current or long-standing New Westminster residents with a thorough knowledge of New Westminster ’s history and heritage. Candidates must be poets and/or writers that have received awards or other public recognition; presented poetry at public events; and have been published.
Candidates will include, as part of their submission, a cover letter and resume that details their community involvement and portfolio of work including pieces related to New Westminster ’s community life.
The Poet Laureate‘s work will be posted on City websites and become the property of the City of New Westminster.

It didn’t say anything about grammarians, however.