Well, here it is Thanksgiving Weekend. I’ve got two dinners to go to and I’m looking forward to all that turkey and wine. In case you ever wondered why married people get fatter after the vows, it’s not because they “let themselves go,” it’s because ever major meal-oriented holiday is X2.
Anyway, it’s also a long weekend, so what does that mean, class? Thievery. Just last week, the big-screen TV was taken from the common room of our building. The security cameras got quite a few pictures of a suspicious pair just waltzing in the front door around the time of the crime. A couple ladies from the building spent plenty of time in the last week compiling images of the crime.
Last night, we got home from watching Buster Keaton movies with Matt and Oana (in honour of Keaton’s 111th birthday), only to learn that there had been another rash of thefts. Several security cameras were taken from the parking garage and the workout room, plus the leather chair and security monitor in the lobby, and we figure that the thieves will probably be back before the long weekend is over to take workout equipment and god knows what else.
When we were driving in, we did see a suspicious guy with a truck and a bunch of stuff spread around. Donovan was kicking himself that he didn’t say something or get a licence plate number. Even though it was 1 am in the morning, he went and woke up the strata council guys, who called the cops. The tapes from the remaining cameras confirmed the guy we saw was one of the thieves. A big guy too.

It’s really galling that you just can’t have nice things without someone coming in and taking them. The worst part of it is that whoever is stealing this stuff appears NOT to have to break in – they’ve got access keys. Whether the keys are stolen or being used with permission is unknown.
So, the cameras will probably have to be replaced, and perhaps all the access keys will have to be replaced or recoded. I don’t know much about this high-tech security stuff. But I do know a precious little about human nature: people will steal anything that isn’t nailed down (but some will try). It’s impossible to keep nice things in a public space. And that makes me so sad. And mad.
The signs on the doors of Douglas College read: “Respect the property. Do not spit.” I spit on you, thieves.