It’s the same thing every week: I’ll get it done on Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I have neither work nor classes, so its the catch-all day for everything I’m putting off. At the moment, on this particular Tuesday, I’m avoiding the duo of assignments for Language Studies. That benign sounding title covers up a multitude of horrors. Two papers due next week – they take forever and a pint of blood to write – and I’m still fluffing about trying to avoid them, knowing that minute, word-by-word, utterance-by-utterance analyses are about as inevitable as the tides. Here I go. There’s nothing good on TV tonight anyway!

PS We rented and watched the first season of Entourage last night – all eight episodes. I think I have a crush on Eric; pretty boys like Vince just don’t do it for me. And where do all those rent-a-blondes in tank tops come from. Discuss!