That’s the motto of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, whose aim is stop the unexamined breeding of more humans. In case anyone missed it, there are now more than 6 billion of us here, and many of y’all, either by choice or by accident, long to produce a mini-me to, I don’t know, immortalize yourselves.
There are a lot of groups popping up to defend the rights of the childless to stay that way and VHEM is probably the most radical one I’ve come across. Their site is a series of wonderfully honest questions and coherent answers, served up with plenty of links and movies and cartoons to make you think about the choice to bring another life into the world. VHEM argues that, given the carrying capacity of the planet and the capacity of humans to consume resources, such a choice is unconscionable.
My own stance is that I don’t want children because for the most part, I just don’t like them. And I know other people who feel the same way, and are sick of being questioned by relative strangers about not having kids. Well, VHEM just gave me some ammunition to use in the fight. I think I’ll buy a t-shirt.
Surrounded by so many pregnant women and mothers of new babies, I dare not speak of this website out loud. Perhaps I should make my own t-shirts – ones that say “I don’t have kids but I have time to knit for yours”. If children are likeable, it does make it easier for me to like them.
Thanks for the link, Rochelle! Childfree people unite!