They tend to publish a lot of stories about paranormal phenomena and ghosts around Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them well into the dark and creepy month that is November. I found The Tyee’s story on Vancouver Paranormal’s ghost hunt at Century House Restaurant the perfect antidote to the Christmas retail push that starts as soon as the clock turns over on October 31. I am too afraid of ghosts to ever do such a thing as go hang out in a basement washroom in order to record ghostly crying, but I am fascinated by ghost stories and by the people who curious and fearless enough to go out and do that.
Vancouver Paranormal is one of many groups that go out and do ghost hunts at supposedly haunted sites. Unlike urban explorers, they only go by invitation of the residents or business owners, and they don’t charge for their services. Their site isn’t the most organized or easy to read thing on the web (my editing teacher would go into convulsions), but it’s jam packed with fascinating stories, photographs, recordings (I can’t listen), and videos of their work. Yes, yes, ghosts don’t exist, do they? Well, the information is there so you can decide for yourself. Vancouver Paranormal also holds public nights when people can come out on a graveyard expedition. The next one is on November 26 at Mountainview cemetery. Sounds spine tingly-dingling.
Maktaaq had Vancouver Paranormal in when she worked at the Port Moody Station Museum, which was originally the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Western terminus (have I got that right?). There had been several strange happenings inside the old station and in the restored Venosta rail car that sits on the site. The ghosts hunters took a lot of readings and photographs, and apparently did find some anomalies which pointed to spiritual presence.
As you may have guessed by now, I believe in ghosts. There are too many indications that there is more to our cities and and homes and buildings than what we see to think “what we see is all there is.” And to those who think I’m crazy to live on the grounds of a former mental hospital, well, I haven’t seen anything here yet to think those poor kids are still hanging around.